The Spiritual Journey of Meditation

Unlock the magic within! This transformative course is designed to demystify meditation, offering practical tools to calm your mind, heal your body, and reconnect with your soul self. Immerse yourself in guided exercises and powerful visualizations to experience real-time transformations.

What Makes The Spiritual Journey of Meditation Course Unique

This course was created to demystify meditation by providing practical tools to help you calm the mind, heal the body, and reconnect with your soul self. Unlike other online meditation courses, James guides you through experiential exercises and visualizations in each lesson so you feel real-time shifts in your body, mind, and spirit. As you participate in each lesson, you explore another layer of yourself and discover the eternal and incredible power you hold within to experience peace, love, joy, and abundance now.

What's Included

This is not a course you consume. This is a journey you experience by actively participating and being fully present. This 8-week online course includes:

  • 8 Engaging Video Lessons with experiential exercises and visualizations
  • 8 Downloadable Guided Audio Meditations to settle into stillness every day
  • 9 Empowering Mantras to focus your mind on one empowering intention each week
  • The Spiritual Journey of Meditation Guidebook to take note of your discoveries and explore yourself on a deeper level
  • Weekly Message from James to inspire and encourage you throughout this 8-week journey inward
Each week’s lesson builds upon the previous one so that by the end of this 8-week course, you experience real shifts and visceral benefits of sitting in the stillness of your being. This is an experiential journey where you’ll actively learn by doing rather than passively taking in information.

The Spiritual Journey of Meditation Course Overview

Preparing for Your Journey

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome video and guided audio meditation from James to help you prepare for this inner journey. You’ll also receive instructions to access the course lessons, guided audio meditations, and The Spiritual Journey of Meditation downloadable guidebook to take note of your discoveries and explore yourself on a deeper level.


Sitting in the Stillness of Your Being

In this week’s lesson, James shares what meditation is (and what it isn’t), the purpose of sitting in stillness, and the extraordinary benefits that come from this daily practice. You’ll participate in experiential exercises to feel the power and purpose of stillness. You’ll also have access to the guided audio meditation, Using the Power of Color to Understand the World Around You. In this guided audio, you’ll learn how to incorporate color to bring more joy, passion, and peace in your daily life.


Reconnecting with Your Soul Self


In this week’s lesson, James walks you through how to cultivate a daily practice you look forward to so you stay committed and consistent. He’ll also share the most common barriers to sitting in stillness and how to navigate them with ease. You’ll learn how to create a safe and sacred space for your practice and why it’s important. If you’ve found it challenging to meditate in the past, this week’s lesson will inspire you to enjoy this sacred time with yourself. This week’s guided audio meditation, Connecting with Your Soul Self, takes you deeper into the part of you that is eternal, complete, whole, and perfect.


Going Beyond Thoughts: How to Calm, Ground, and Focus the Monkey Mind

In this week’s lesson, James takes you on a wild ride to explore the “monkey mind” and how to go beyond thoughts to focus the mind so it works for you. Once you understand how thoughts work, you’ll learn how to ground, calm, and focus your mind so you feel more at ease, more at peace, and more in flow with life. This week’s guided audio meditation, Letting Go and Finding Freedom in Forgiveness, is one of James’ most powerful audios for clearing the mind and releasing limiting beliefs.


Opening Your Heart Center to Experience Higher Levels of Consciousness


In this week’s lesson, James shares what it means to open and live from your heart. You’ll be guided through an empowering heart opening visualization to access higher levels of consciousness. You’ll also practice opening your heart using the Grounding in Self-Love for Inner Peace, Joy, and Happiness guided audio meditation.


Spiritual Tools to Heighten Your Daily Practice

In this week’s lesson, James shares spiritual tools that heighten and support your daily practice. From crystals and candles to mantras and oracle cards, you’ll discover various spiritual tools that aid your practice and how to choose tools that resonate with you. Whether you want to open your heart, raise your energetic vibration, shift limiting beliefs, or attract more abundance, this lesson offers tools that help you expand in specific areas. You’ll also have access to download this week’s guided audio meditation, Getting into the Flow of Abundance.


The Physiology of Stillness: Balancing the Chakra Points for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Healing

In this week’s lesson, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the chakra system, what glands, organs, and systems are associated with each chakra, and how sitting in stillness facilitates healing in the physical, mental, and emotional body. James guides you through several experiential exercises to tune into these powerful energy centers. Using The Physiology of Stillness guided audio meditation will help you go even deeper throughout the week.


Scanning, Sensing, and Running Energy

In this week’s lesson, James shares how energy moves through the body, how to scan your body, and how to run energy to balance the chakras. When you sit in stillness, the body will tell you everything you need to know to heal yourself. You’ll be guided through several experiences to tune into how you feel and how to listen to your body. James walks you through a full body scan and shows you how to sense your energy. Once you sense the energy, you’ll learn how to balance the chakra centers to release stuck or blocked energy from events, memories, and emotions that no longer serve you. You’ll be using Awakening the Healing Power Within guided audio meditation this week to practice these new skills.


Transform Your Life: Discovering the Eternal & Incredible Power of YOU

In this final video lesson, James shares a radical perspective that can transform your life. Everything you’ve learned and practiced up to this point has been preparing you for this important next step on your spiritual journey. By experimenting with this paradigm shift, you’ll reclaim your personal power and feel the eternal and incredible power of your soul self. You’ll discover that all you want is already here right now. This week’s guided audio meditation, Rediscovering Your Natural Gifts and Talents, is where you’ll explore new possibilities and soul fulfilling dreams. 

James Van Praagh is a spiritual pioneer and one of the world’s most renowned and respected spiritual teachers working today. He founded the School of Mystical Arts, an online learning platform that offers online courses and certification programs to help people explore, evolve, and expand mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. His work inspires people to make real shifts by gaining awareness about how powerful they can be when they remember who they are. James’ mission is to provide high quality online experiences and live events in the most accessible way possible to positively impact people’s lives.

During his 30 year career, he has worked with international heads of state, religious world leaders, and known entertainment celebrities including Cher, Goldie Hawn, Shirley Maclaine, Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Rivers, Katie Couric, Loretta Lynn, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Wesley Snipes. He has been invited to share his insights in guest appearances on Oprah, Dr. Phil, Larry King Live, The View, The Today Show, Chelsea Lately, and more. He is also the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Talking To Heaven, Healing Grief, Ghosts Among Us, Adventures of the Soul, and many more.

Who is This Course For?

This course is beneficial and rewarding for both beginners and those who are experienced in meditation.

This course is also perfect for you if:

  • You want to experience the benefits of stillness in real time with a renowned spiritual teacher
  • You want to deepen your daily practice and learn more about energy
  • You long for a deeper connection with Spirit, the Universe, God, Cosmos
  • You feel lost, alone, anxious, or worried about the future
  • You see meditation as the path to expansion but struggle sitting still
  • You want to or tried meditating but think you’re doing it wrong
  • You want to understand yourself and/or your relationships better 
  • You are seeking holistic and practical tools to cope in difficult times
  • You want to be the change the world needs now
  • You are seeking guidance or comfort after a loss

This online course goes well beyond the scope and depth of traditional meditation courses. James delivers more than a course; he takes you on an inner journey where you experience the truth of who you are: eternal, powerful, and whole.

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