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This is the written material that will explain the concept for the week.


This colored bar found on your lesson page is the audio message from James Van Praagh that corresponds to that particular week’s lesson. Each message ranges from 5 to 10 minutes in length.


After reading your lesson and listening to the media for the lesson, you will move onto the lesson activity. This is the section that describes an experiential exercise that allows you to embody the concept presented. This portion is crucial to the information and is what makes our online course a much bigger experience than simply reading the information. This is how we “live” the information. Before beginning any of the activities in this course it is important you become familiar with James’ “Preliminary Groundwork” (see below), practicing it prior to any of the other activities.


Once you have listened, read and explored the information, the Journal section gives you opportunity to reflect on how this information does or does not affect your life experience. Each journal entry will have a prompting question; however, feel free to write outside of that prompt. There is no limit to how much you can write or how often you can add to your writing. Feel free to write, write, write, write. This is a powerful tool of transformation.

Preliminary Groundwork:

Like anything you attempt, whether it is fixing something in the house, painting a picture, or taking a trip, you need to begin with the necessary tools or equipment. The same is true for any technique in intuitive development. It is important, therefore, that you properly prepare. Take at least five to ten minutes for the following preliminary groundwork before you begin any other exercise, otherwise your results will be inadequate.

Sit in a comfortable position, making sure your spine is straight. If you slouch, the energy cannot move up and down the body easily. Imagine a wire pulling you straight up from the top of your head. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. As you do, visualize each breath coming into the body like a stream of golden light. This light touches and fills every cell, organ and muscle of your body. With each breath, you feel invigorated. As you exhale, imagine a gray mist exiting the body. This mist represents any excess energy, anxiety, fear, nervousness or apprehension that you may have.

Next, imagine that you are sitting in the center of your body. Visualize that you are looking out of your body from behind the middle of your forehead, right behind the brow. This is your third eye center.

Lastly, visualize three cords. One is tied to the base of your spine, and the other two are connected to each ankle. See these cords going straight down to the center of the earth. Imagine three big rocks at the center of the earth, and tie each cord to each of the three rocks. Concentrate on any excess energy in your space going down the cords and transmuting as it enters the earth. Visualize the energy of Mother Earth healing you as it travels up the cords and anchors you to the earth. You are now properly grounded and centered to begin your work. Remember to be patient, confident and joyful in your approach.

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