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Welcome to my e-course on healing grief and Life After Loss. I understand that by choosing to take this course you are somehow in a powerful and painful period of your life. Loss is difficult, and navigating the emotions, situations and experiences of your particular loss is unique to you and your situation in many ways, and yet a common experience among many. It is my hope that by sharing the conditions of grieving from a wide range of individuals involved in their own loss and transition, that we can learn from one another about this invaluable opportunity for growth, understanding and actual joy.

For many years I have been blessed to be an instrument for people to contact their loved ones on the other side. As I look back on these experiences, I realize that the unique encounters with the spiritual realms, together with my own life’s lessons, were part of the preparation of creating this course. As someone who has been enlightened by the insightful perspectives of those who have crossed onto the shores of the spiritual lands, I share this guide with you to assist in your healing of grief and loss.

I do not profess to be an expert in the fields of psychology or grief therapy, yet this course offers therapeutic remedies that I believe are beneficial to all. As human beings, we need a structure of psychological understanding to which we can relate. However, my approach to the grieving process incorporates resources of a spiritual nature, and it is from this unique perspective that I present the information.

As a professional medium for most of my adult life, I have witnessed many tragic situations. I have listened intensely for thousands of hours to the subtle whispers between our earthly world and the finer etheric world of spirit. I have miraculously witnessed spirit’s golden words of light and wisdom break down the stone-hardened hearts of grief and give life back to the mournful. I now wish to share with you these various insights in hope that you will be touched by the awareness of eternal life so that you do not have to go through the rest of your days groping blindly in sorrow and pain. It is my deepest desire that this new perspective will initiate an opening to your own spiritual discovery and bring peace of mind and a new sense of purpose to your life.

The game of life is filled with twists and turns. Along the way I have found it invaluable to take time out every now and then and reflect upon certain events. These are the “moments” that make us unique beings.  When thinking about moments of the past, I look to see if I have lived or experienced them fully.  In this way, I can review the choices I have made and recognize the value each of these moments has had to offer. It is upon such reflection that I have come to an understanding that my life is the result of the choices I have made at each particular moment. The twists and turns served as my teachers on the ever-winding road to spiritual wisdom.

By deeply studying this course, you may begin to recognize your loss, beyond the pain and sadness it brings, as an opportunity to involve yourself fully in life. By doing so, each day you too can become aware of the “moments” of your life and, with confidence, have a desire to make every one count.

One of your moments is about to begin.

In deep compassion and love,

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