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Since the publication of my first book, Talking to Heaven, in 1997, I have had the good fortune to travel around the world sharing my message of life after death with thousands of people. I am still amazed at the number of people eager to understand the realm of psychic phenomena. Although many know all the buzzwords like mental telepathy, clairvoyance, aura, and entity, they don’t really understand what they mean. Most lack personal experience of what these things are. Television programs featuring mediums, and movies like The Sixth Sense only intensify the appeal of the world of Spirit. People not only want to make contact with their loved ones, but also want validation that their own experiences with the spirits are real and not figments of their imagination.

This course is intended to help you learn as much or as little as you want about being open to the world of Spirit and discerning for yourself what is true or false. Through practical, hands-on meditations, visualizations and process questions you can learn to build upon your basic psychic experiences and sharpen your sixth sense.

The exercises are designed to expand your psychic awareness. As you progress, remain flexible and open. Some experiences may be unusual or upsetting, but as you practice, you will learn to handle your experiences. Each person develops in his and her own way. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t happen right away. Remember that it took me years of trial and error to be able to do what I do today. As you learn to use your psychic talents, you will find that it will become a way of life. Becoming a practicing psychic requires commitment and dedication.

For years I have been teaching that death is not the end, nor is it something to be feared; there is indeed life beyond this physical world. Earth is only one part of a vast multidimensional Universe. Spirit beings are around us all the time. These spirits serve the human population in many ways: as teachers, companions, creative inspiration, and protection. Each of us has the ability to tap into this infinite source of wisdom and intelligence.

It takes courage to look beyond our three-dimensional world and know that something greater exists. The spirit world can provide extreme insightfulness in our day-to-day lives. The more deeply involved you get with the spirit world, the more old habits and conditioning will inevitably change.

Let this course be your guide to developing your natural psychic gifts, experience Spirit firsthand, and empower yourself to live a better life.


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  • 10 Lessons

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