Dear Friend,

Welcome! I’m so happy and honored that you’ve joined Psychic  Astrology, where you’ll learn everything you need to understand astrology at the same time, develop your psychic abilities. 

Understanding astrology has helped me in all areas of my life, from my personal and spiritual development to my relationships and career. It’s also enhanced my psychic and mediumship abilities. In fact, I’m known to do mini readings for friends.

My friends and family been listening to my astrological insights over the years and so many have asked I put them into a course that would help others.

I’m excited to help others use these profound insights to make a  difference in their own life as well as others

 I’m sharing these techniques with you!

What you learn in What will enable you to fully activate the incredible power of astrology in your own life. So many people are curious about astrology but find it too complex to do on their own.

They assume they must go to a fancy or expensive astrologer for insight.  But, the truth is, astrology is very easy to understand with the right teaching. In Astrology Made Easy, I teach you the most important facets of astrology in a clear way and show you easily apply what you learn to your own life. I even give you a step-by-step process for reading a natal chart!

This course is very different from anything I’ve ever done. I think you’ll find it incredibly refreshing and helpful. Plus… it’s FUN!

Also, don’t forget to go through all the psychic bonus materials. These are some of the most trail-blazing content.

I’m delighted to have this time with you. Awakening the power of astrology together will forever change who we are. May our journey be filled with miracles, love, joy, and of course, guidance from the stars!


Now, let’s get started! Click below to watch the introduction.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 30 Topics

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