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Bedtime Mind Journey: The Healing

You’ll join your loved one up in heaven, where you’ll experience complete harmony and happiness. With your loved one guiding you, you’ll visit a reflective garden, which will take you through your past, present and future. You will finally understand the meaning you have brought here to the world. With this new awareness of your brilliance, you are free to be your true self. And with the loving guidance of your loved one, you’ll feel a renewed connection, knowing that he or she is always with you.


The Healing

Take a moment to look into a full length mirror. As you do, try to imagine a star dust of golden light energy coming down from the heavens into your head and moving through the body. As it descends into the body, try to intuitively feel if there are any blocks inside the body or mind which blocks out the light and won’t let it through?
Write down which areas of your life in the emotional, spiritual, mental or physical aspects that are in disharmony. Why are they in disharmony? The answers should be fast flowing and observational. You are not judging yourself, just on a knowledge-gaining exploration. What changes in your life do you need to make in order to bring yourself into complete balance? Set up a “goal calendar” for you to accomplish these transformations.

The Thank You Note

After spending a day with your loved one in Spirit, now is a great time to sit down and write him or her a “thank you” letter. Let her know how much you enjoyed the visit and tell her the highlights. Also as you continue to write the letter, tell him how different he appeared to you now and things you found out about him you never knew before.

Your Travel Diary

Take some time to journal about your experience today. Consider the following:

Look at your life as a play and give it a title. Write down all of the characters especially the one you spent time with in the Spirit world. What character did he/she act out in your play and why was his/her role so important to the play?

Did this visit help you to realize he/she is always with you? How will your life be different now?

Write down different signs he/she will be giving you in the physical world for you to know when he/she is trying to get through to you.

Lastly, sit in the stillness and see how long you are able to be there.

Moving Forward

In the next few weeks attempt to fulfill a goal or desire your loved one had but was not able to complete it before he/she left. Do it for him or her.

Congrats! Your journey is complete. I’m so proud of you for all the work you’ve done. Remember, even though your day is complete, your loved one is still with you, guiding you, and loving you.

With Love and Gratitude,

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