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Evening Mind Journey: The Tour

*Be sure to have your Soul’s Deck of Cards printed out for this Mind Journey.

Now, you’ll enter the brilliance to share more time with your loved one in a visit to the many realms of the Spirit World, where you’ll gain greater awareness of humanity. With loving guidance, you’ll come to meet your guides, who will give you a very special symbol and message that will help you on your journey.


Your Soul’s Deck of Cards

During your Tour, you had a visit with your guides. Try to remember one particular guide and a characteristic they possessed. Try and recognize that same characteristic with in you and become aware of how this particular guide influenced you through your life.

Next, you picked out one card which your soul resonated with. Let this first card be the beginning inspiration for you to create your OWN soul deck of seven cards. Each one of these cards should have some kind of an image on the front and an explanation on the reverse side. These “cards” are suggestions or “signposts” for your soul to consider in its ever expansive journey of integrating the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies together as one. You have been given a soul point for you to look at and utilize during your stay on schoolroom earth. Let these cards reawaken that eternal soul power within you and assist you in remembering the destiny points and lessons you chose to learn this time around.

Touring the Realms

Just as one would describe a foreign city to a friend, write down the various characteristics of the different realms you remember touring. What did you feel as you toured them?

Try to go back in your mind to a particular realm you experienced and once again, take a journey back. But this time, I want you to find a soul who needs your assistance. Perhaps they are lost or limited in his/her thinking. Once you find him/her, attempt to sit down with him/her and have a conversation about your knowledge and experience. How does he/she receive you? Write down all of your impressions.

Next, think about the souls on the lower spheres who are lost in their mindsets. Gently go through your own mind and recognize any areas in which you need to change and open up your way of thinking. Even start a new day with a new mindset and see how your day develops.

On our tour you were shown various schools, halls and places where souls live, study and do their work. While you were there, what schools were you surprised to learn about? If you were there, what kind of work or schooling do you think you would resonate with?

Finally, I’d like for you to schedule a time in the next few weeks for you to go volunteer in your neighborhood homeless shelter, soup kitchen, hospital or a place of need. Try to enlighten the heart of one person while you are there and note how you feel in doing this activity.

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