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Morning Mind Journey: The Launch

Do this immersion with me upon waking – ideally before breakfast. With me gently guiding you, you’ll let go of everything that is weighing you down and expand your own light until you become The Light. Soon, you’ll arrive safely into the Spirit World and meet with your loved one on the edge of the etheric.


Your Altar of Love

Now that you’ve finished your mind journey, it’s time to make a sacred altar to further connect with your loved one! Choose a special area in your Meeting Place. It can be a table or you can use a beautiful tapestry or mat on the ground/ floor. Here you will put items that remind you of your loved one. You might include photos, something that belonged to him/her, something he/she gifted you and anything that represents spirit to you.

After you make your altar, take some time to just savor and sit with it!

Expansion of Awareness

The idea behind this exercise is to bring your mind to the awareness that you are a soul and as a soul you are able to move your perceptions in and out of the body by just utilizing your thoughts. Thought power is how we create in the physical and spiritual worlds. Go into this exercise with the basic understanding that the mind will follow the thoughts it creates. Start by going to your Meeting Place. If your Meeting Place is not outside, make sure it has a window. A garden is preferable, but if you are attempting this in a city environment a balcony will work as well. Just make sure you have a chair to sit in.

Begin by sitting straight up in the chair with your spine being fully erect. Close your eyes and imagine that you are a balloon tethered by a string. Very slowly with your mind imagine that you actually “are” the balloon and gradually begin to float upward toward the sky. Then imagine the string-pulling you back toward the body. Continue letting your mind create this sensation of floating, higher and higher, a few feet at a time. Each time you go higher, gently pull the string so you are aware of the body. With each stretch you make, let your entire being expand with it and become “one” with the height and the sky. You realize that you are connected to it all. Do this for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

By becoming aware of just how you can manipulate your consciousness, you are able to venture forward and can travel anywhere, through space and time, by just using the power of your thoughts. With more and more expansion and imagination, you can have the feeling of touching the tops of trees, sky-scrapers and even clouds. Just let your mind have this experience and practice expanding and contracting.

The second part of this exercise is to be done after the expansion. After you expand your thoughts and awareness, imagine that you are able to meld with the energy of other life sources around you such as the center of a flower, the leaf on a tree, a bird flying above, the ant crawling around the ground. By being able to master the natural sense of perception, you will begin to see that the human body is very limited compared to the amazing worlds of other life forms, consciousness and dimensions. As you master this “mind travel,” you will bring yourself further into the world of the unseen and be able to connect with your spirit family just by your thoughts!

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