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How the Course Works:

You can choose any day that is convenient for you to do this course.

This special course consists of four Mind Journey Immersions you will listen to at various intervals throughout your chosen day.

Each audio download contains a very special process to help you tap into the power of unconditional self-love. I’ll also be giving you special assignments to do throughout your day to help you let go of any blocks that are keeping you from truly accepting yourself.

Preliminary Instructions

You will want to set aside this day for yourself. Make sure you have nothing planned that you don’t enjoy doing.

Before your day, find a special notebook to use as your “Self-Love Journal.” Ideally, visit a bookstore and pick out a beautiful blank book that speaks to you. Or, get a notebook and decorate it. After each immersion, you’ll spend some time journaling and writing down all the insights you have. You will never have this day again, so it’s important to create a travel diary you can look back on anytime you are feeling the need to tap into your true self-loving essence.

The night before your day:

  • Take some time to choose a special spot in your home, where you will do these immersions. Make it beautiful and comfortable. Add a photograph of yourself as a child — one that makes you smile. Also add something that reminds you of your innocence and true nature. It could be a picture you drew as a child, something you’ve had since you were young, or anything that simply makes you feel connected to your higher self.
  • Choose what to wear for your day. Pick out clothing that makes you feel great and special. Consider wearing something a little extravagant!
  • Finally take some time to write out an intention in your self-love journal. What do you hope to achieve in your special day?

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